Dream or nightmare??

Dreams are a window to the subconscious as they say, at night your mind goes free in any kind of way.

One dream you are chased by a monster, the next you are this monster.

You can fly as high as you can then dig as deep as you can, there is no escape in dreams you have no control of what happens next.

Some people enjoy this freedom but for some it is too much to handle and this is when the nightmares start.

What is a nightmare? The typical one always involves a monster, any kind of monster or something from a horror movie you have watched or heard about.

A nightmare for me is a dream that I cannot control, I know it will not end nicely but there is no way to wake up.

Every information that I hear, every movie, TV show that I watch every discussion I have can turn into a dream or a nightmare.

Here is an example

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream about the movie the Exorcist, the first time I watched it I wouldn’t go to my bedroom on my own as I was scared to find the possessed girl on my bed. I was 13. I watched it on the same night, I was just surprised I didn’t get that scared except for her face, the make-up was great for a 70’s movie. The pace was very slow something I didn’t remember back then.

I knew that I was going to dream about that movie as soon as I will sleep, I was very apprehensive of this, will it be a nightmare?

Probably after all we are talking about the Exorcist; people killed themselves after watching this movie. It has been voted the scariest one of all times therefore be sure you will have nightmares after watching it, you will not dream of puppies and rainbows for sure.

So fair enough on that night I dreamed that my family was possessed, not my real family, one after another they get possessed just like in the movie.

You would think that was a nightmare, well it was not. I was in control, fine my sons were possessed even my husband one after another taking turns, they started to have the same voice and the same look in their eyes as Regan, but I was in control.  I knew what I was doing; I knew everything will turn out well.  And the silly thing was when I woke up I just wondered where this family came from, was surprised about it. I am single without kids why on earth would I dream of having a husband and 3 sons? Oh yay it was about the Exorcist but who cares, where do the 3 sons and husband come from? This is what surprised me the most actually.

Was it a dream then or a nightmare? 


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